because everyone who flees persecution should find refuge
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Responding to the global refugee crisis

The world’s refugee population is large – 22.5 million refugees and 2.8 million asylum seekers at the end of 2016 – and growing.  The international community has promised them protection but has failed to back up its promise, offering insufficient support to those countries that host large numbers of refugees, and insufficient opportunities for refugees to resettle  elsewhere.  Our campaign will help your church  cut through the myths and fears that often surround discussion of refugees  to understand the global context,  the part Australia should play,  to extend care to refugees in your community  and to advocate for more just and compassionate policies.
Learning Tools


A four page overview of the global refugee crisis and what we are calling on our government to do.


A 3 week series on refugees and our response designed for primary school-aged children.


A short book  that covers everything you need to know to make sense of & respond to the global refugee crisis. Small group discussion guide included.

In an age of border crossings, Scott Higgins’ timely book is a powerful antidote to all the myths we hear and read about refugees. It counters the fear-mongering and common lies with a concise, clear-headed, authoritative analysis of the evolution and current shape of the refugee crisis. He explains why our international response is failing and how a Godly view can bring about global transformation. It is critical reading for anyone seeking an honest understanding of the crisis today facing the most vulnerable people on the planet.

Rev. Tim Costello


Book us to run an interactive workshop that will explode the myths and explore the realities around refugees and asylum seekers and identify a biblically shaped way forward.

This workshop has been run all over Australia and overwhelmingly well-received. Participants consistently describe their surprise at discovering the realities of the global refugee crisis, their appreciation of the way the material is presented and the clarity the workshop brings.

Ideally the workshop runs over 2.5 hours, but it can be customised to run for a shorter or longer time.


UNHCR has a superb youtube channel in which refugees tell their harrowing & hopeful stories in 2-5 minute clips.

A great tool to use during a church service, youth gathering or home group.



Freedom Stories is a 75 minute documentary that follows the lives of refugees who arrived in Australia by boat, were placed in detention, and are now re-building their lives in Australia. You can purchase a DVD with community viewing license for $75. This will allow you to screen the film at your church or other community venue. Alternately, you can  screen in a local cinema using Fanforce, who will arrange everything for you.


A group of Australians with doubts over the merits of welcoming asylum seekers arriving relive the experiene of an asylum seeker. A great series for a small group to watch and discuss using SBS On Demand

Prayer Tools

pray for syria

More than 4 million Syrians have been made refugees by the violence in that country. This prayer tool links you to a video explaining the Syrian crisis, followed by a prayer exercise for the congregation.


A prayer tool to pray for refugees and our response to them.

Service Tools


Find out if there are refugee communities in your area and what their needs are.  A good place to start is with the list of service providers available from the Department of Social Services (link below).


Your research should reveal any opportunities to donate funds or goods to refugee service providers. You might also consider raising funds for Baptcare Victoria’s asylum seeker housing project or Baptist World Aid Australia’s work with Burmese refugees in Malaysia and Syrian refugees in the Middle East.


Many refugee services need volunteers to assist them. Check out the providers in your area and the Department of Social Security guidelines on what forms of support are required.


Houses of Hope is an exciting community-based response to the critical shortage of housing for people seeking asylum living in our community. A church makes a house available for use in the Houses of Hope program, a refugee or asylum seeker family are placed in it. The church provides the family with loving community while Baptcare Victoria provides the professional support services refugees require. At present available only in Victoria

Advocacy Actions


Most refugees are separated from their family, yet many cannot bring their families to Australia. Host a picnic to celebrate families and take selfies that are tweeted to the Prime Minister to highlight the need for family friendly refugee policies.


The international protection system for protecting refugees is breaking down. We encourage you to take a delegation from your church – 3-4 people is a good size – to discuss with your MP what Australia can do to make sure the international protection system will work for refugees.

1. Fill in the form below to let us know you plan to visit and so we can discover the best ways to help you. 

2. Order copies of “Boundless Plains to Share” for everyone in your delegation and ask them to read it. This will provide a helpful framework for understanding the issues.

3. Call the office of your MP to arrange a meeting date and time.

4. Liaise with us to arrange a date (or dates) for a web conference with your delegation to answer any questions you might have and to guide you through the process of meeting with your MP.  

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