We are an initiative of Australian Baptist Ministries
We connect churches with opportunities to advocate
We work in partnership with other campaigning groups

In 2021 we’re launching “Walk Together”, which will focus on ways our churches can take up the invitation from Indigenous elders to walk with Indigenous peoples into a better future.

We’ll partner with Indigenous organisations and leaders, link you to resources that will help your church listen, reflect, worship & advocate. 

Webinars to introduce the initiative to pastors and other church leaders will be available by November 2020.

We’re encouraging Baptist churches to get involved in Raise the Rate. Facilitated by the Australian Council of Social Services Raise the Rate is urging the Australian Government to make sure that support payments to people who are out of work are sufficient for them and their household to live with decency.

At the Raise the Rate website you’ll find resources that explain why this matters and what you can do to bring change.  


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