About Us

We believe God wants every human being to flourish, free from exploitation, oppression and neglect. Our mission is to resource churches to exercise a prophetic voice calling for justice for those on the margins of our society.

A Just Cause mobilises Australian churches, particularly those from the Baptist movement, to take action on pressing issues of justice. Our goals are that churches:

  1. Discover God’s heart for those who are vulnerable, exploited and oppressed;
  2. Advocate with and on behalf of the vulnerable, exploited and oppressed, in order to secure more just policies;
  3. Connect with opportunities to serve in practical ways those for whom they are advocating. For example, if a church was to participate in an advocacy campaign around refugees A Just Cause would look to connect them with opportunities to minister to refugees and/or asylum seekers within their community.

A Just Cause emerged out of a recognition that in recent years people and churches within the Baptist movement in Australia have become very active in advocacy campaigns for global justice, particularly around global poverty, ethical consumption, and human trafficking. Yet the Baptist movement lacked the infrastructure to mobilise its members into similar action for more domestic justice issues such as asylum seekers, disadvantage, homelessness, and indigenous well-being. A Just Cause was formed to address this.

The founder and Director of A Just Cause is Scott Higgins, an ordained Baptist pastor from New South Wales. Scott has extensive experience in church based advocacy and education around justice. He is employed two days per week to work on A Just Cause, and is ably assisted by a team of volunteers.

A Just Cause is a ministry of Australian Baptist Ministries.