Our Approach to Justice

When advocating around public policy many Christians fall into a Christendom mindset, assuming that Governments should legislate Christian values wherever they can. In recent years, this has led many to perceive the Church as an oppressive institution.

A Just Cause will assume that the Government’s role is not to legislate a virtuous society into being, but to protect the interests of the vulnerable and oppressed. In other words, Government’s primary function is to command justice, not virtue.

Christopher Marshall describes biblical justice like this:

The justice of God is a dynamic, active power that breaks into situations of oppression and evil in order to bring liberation and restore freedom. Its basic concern is not to treat each person as each deserves but to do all that is necessary to make things right, even though it is totally undeserved and immensely costly. It is a restorative justice more than a retributive or distributive justice. It is God acting to end oppression and secure harmony and well-being, especially by meeting the needs of the disadvantaged and downtrodden.

Beyond Retribution: A New Testament Vision for Justice, Crime, and Punishment (Studies in Peace and Scripture)

Campaigns facilitated by A Just Cause will focus on those groups who are oppressed, disadvantaged and downtrodden. In addition to the primary goal of securing justice, this will help recast the reputation of the church in wider society.