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Responding to the global environmental crisis

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution the global population has exploded, along with the intensity of our demand upon the earth’s resources. We have now reached a point where humsnkind is pushing the environmental systems on which life depends to breaking point.  The climate is changing, the oceans are acidifying and biodiversity is declining. Our “Beautiful World” campaign calls Christians to recover a God centred valuing of creation, to take measures to lighten our impact on the planet, and to call our governments to take action commensurate with the risk.

A Beautiful World. BOOK & STUDY GUIDE

This short book explores the astonishing picture the Bible gives of God’s relationship to creation and calls us to move out of a human-centered valuing of creation to a God centred approach. Use it as a 4 week sermon series guide, a 4 part home group study group, or simply for your own personal growth.

“These studies remind us of God’s grace in creation. They pull no punches when it comes to outlining the deep scars we are inflicting on God’s creation. Ultimately, though, they are an inspiring, practical and hope filled call to prayer for action to love God and his creation and to love our global neighbours in a warming world”

Ben Thurley, Christian Advocate


Book us in to run an interactive workshop that will explore the shape of the global environmental challenges we face, and how a reframing of creation as the temple of God provides a platform for Christain action to care for creation.

Ideally the workshop runs over 2 hours, but it can be customised to run for a shorter or longer time.

Creation Prayer Activity

This prayer activity invites people to pray with their eyes open, viewing images of creation that are shown on screen, as a prayer of praise, thanksgiving, and concern is read.


A Just Cause and Baptcare have partnered to produce a guide for churches seeking to go solar. Our guide to suppliers will help you identify reputable suppliers and to know the key questions to ask.


There are many simple things your church can do to operate in an environmentally friendly way. We recommend using this audit tool from UK based GREEN Christian.

Community climate petition

A number of Christian organisations are banding together to present the largest climate petition in Australia’s history. The petition closing date is August 7. We’d like you to gather signatures during your church services on July 30 & August 6. To be accepted the petition must meet strict guidelines, so email us your details   using the form below and we’ll send a compliant petition form to you.

The petition text is:

To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

This petition of concerned people of the electorate of [electorate name], draws to the attention of the House the severe and urgent threat that climate change poses to the health, well-being and security of all people around the world, particularly our poorest and most vulnerable neighbours.

We remind the House that Australia’s greenhouse emissions are the highest per person among wealthy nations while our emissions reduction targets are among the weakest.

We therefore ask the House to do all in its power to protect communities in Australia and our region from the harmful impacts of climate change – such as more severe heat, extreme and unpredictable weather and rising seas – by:

X committing to deeper and more urgent reductions of our greenhouse emissions;

X developing a plan to ensure Australia achieves zero net greenhouse emissions well before 2050, and supporting families and communities a ected by the transition towards renewable energy and more sustainable land use;

X providing additional assistance to help our poorest neighbours adapt to the harmful impacts of climate change.

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