Pray for Justice

Tools to Build Prayer for Justice into the Life of Your Church


Jesus identified justice, mercy and faithfulness as three dimensions of being in the world that should be a high priority for us (Matthew 23:23). A Just Cause’s prayer resource is designed to help you build a concern for justice into the DNA of your church life. We identify key dates in the Australian calendar that have a justice focus, such as Earth Hour and Refugee Week, and prepare resources that enable churches to pray around the focus of those dates. This means your church will be praying around the issues congregation members are talking about in their homes and workplaces or hearing about in local media.


Refugee Week Prayer Tool 2017



Homelessness WeekPrayer Tool (August. Due out by end July)

9/11 Global Conflict Prayer Tool (September. Due out by end July)

October Poverty Week Praer Tool (October. Due out by end August)

Domestic Violence Prayer Tool (November. Due out by end September)