Boundless Plains to Share? Australia, Jesus and Refugees. With Bible Study Guide.


Boundless Plains to Share. Australia, Jesus and Refugees allows us to hear the stories of refugees, to understand the global refugee crisis and Australia’s response, to think biblically about how we ought to approach refugees and asylum seekers, and points to a new way of engaging with those fleeing persecution.

This fully revised and updated edition (2017) will be enormously helpful to those seeking to understand the issues surrounding asylum seekers and refugees. It will help pastors and other church leaders take their congregation beyond captivity to popular mythology, will provide those seeking a more loving approach to asylum seekers and refugees with ample material to make their case, and will help those who are unsure of what to think to make up their minds.

A four-part small group discussion guide is included with the book, with group members reading a each week before the group commences and using their reading as a guide to discuss the issues.