because everyone who flees persecution should find refuge
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We live in a world which includes governments that persecute their citizens. Faced with death, imprisonment, and discrimination, many people have no option but to flee their country and seek safety elsewhere. They depend on the international community to provide them with protection, but the international community is not stepping up.  A handful of nations, such as Turkey, Uganda, and Pakistan, are host to hundreds of thousands of refugees, but are unable to provide the basic services the refugees need. Meanwhile nations such as Australia, that have the capacity to share the responsibility, each year offer protection to less that 1% of the world’s refugees. And so the number of new refugees each year exceeds the number of refugees who find a permanent solution, leaving a growing number of people in uncertain and difficult circumtances. Boundless Plains to Share? will help your church  cut through the myths and fears that often surround discussion of refugees  to understand the global context,  the part Australia should play,  to extend care to refugees in your community  and to advocate for more just and compassionate policies.

 Listen to Refugee Stories

 Educate Yourself & Your Church

Briefing Paper

A four page overview of the global refugee crisis and what we and our government can do in response.

Sunday School Resource

A three week program you can use with infant and primary age children.


Book us to run an interactive workshop that will explode the myths and explore the realities around refugees and asylum seekers and identify a biblically shaped way forward.

Boundless Plains Book & Study Guide

A short book that covers everything you need to know to make sense of and respond to the global refugee crisis. Small group discussion guide included.

Take Action


Find out if there are refugee communities in your area and what their needs are.  A good place to start is with the list of service providers available from the Department of Social Services (link below).


Your research should reveal any opportunities to donate funds or goods to refugee service providers. You might also consider raising funds for Baptcare Victoria’s asylum seeker housing project or Baptist World Aid Australia’s work with Burmese refugees in Malaysia and Syrian refugees in the Middle East.


Many refugee services need volunteers to assist them. Check out the providers in your area and the Department of Social Security guidelines on what forms of support are required.


The international protection system for protecting refugees is breaking down. We encourage you to take a delegation from your church – 3-4 people is a good size – to discuss with your MP what Australia can do to make sure the international protection system will work for refugees. Get in touch with us for talking points you can use in your meeting  with your MP and to arrange an online training session on visiting yori MP.


Houses of Hope is an exciting community-based response to the critical shortage of housing for people seeking asylum living in our community. A church makes a house available for use in the Houses of Hope program, a refugee or asylum seeker family are placed in it. The church provides the family with loving community while Baptcare Victoria provides the professional support services refugees require. At present available only in Victoria

Advocacy Actions